India Inc – Generation Y Characteristics (Twenty plus)

Gen Y called Golden generation – Traits

a) Cannot have enough freedom at work

b) Constantly seeking time and space from seniors

They mine for information from sources,

c) Vociferous displaying IQ and Abilities.,

Qualities includes impatient, experiment driven, inquisitive, enthusiastic, technology – savvy, self aware, individualistic.

They should be occupied with career challenges. We need to treat them equals, no command and control works for them. We need to have transparent conversations. we need to be consistent with the work expectations..

Be one up on knowledge to get respect.

constantly re- skill – ing and re-tooling themselves over their jobs.

They identify hobbies for them to delve in – eg : writing, music, reading  etc. Find their groove in the hobby areas and develop on them.

d) Wants quick rewards, provides quick solutions, demands quick solutions

e)Wants to have lofty and un-realistic goals

f) Are high on energy, strong in self beliefs and faith in themselves

g) Want work – life balance from day 1. They are for sabaticals for 2 months in 12 months in a year.

h) Career growth, is critical, money is given

i) Want to control their life even in work, they are not for apology, sometimes they brag about their abilities. Their engagement is assured.


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